SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Technical Briefs

PaintersView: Automatic Suggestion of
Optimal Viewpoints for 3D Texture Painting

Yuka Takahashi   Tsukasa Fukusato   Takeo Igarashi  
The University of Tokyo


Although 3D texture painting has an advantage of making it easy to grasp the overall shape compared with a method of drawing directly onto a UV map, a disadvantage is unpainted (or distorted) regions appearing in the result due to, for example, self-occluded parts. Thus, in order to perform painting without leaving unpainted parts, a sequential change of viewpoints is necessary. However, this process is highly time-consuming.

To address this problem, we propose an automatic suggestion of optimal viewpoints for 3D texture painting. As the user paints a model, the system searches for optimal viewpoints for subsequent painting and presents them as multiple suggestions. The user switches to a suggested viewpoint by clicking on a suggestion. We conducted a user study and confirmed that the proposed workflow was effective for 3D texture painting envisioned by users.


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This work was supported by JSPS KAKENHI grant No. JP17H00752 & JP19K20316, Japan.


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